Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Welcome to 2014 !!

     Although 2013 was a wonderful year for our family , I am hoping that 2014 will be the year of "Change" !!!.....Time to break up the stalemate of the same ole same ole around here !!...The last couple of years we have tossed around the idea of a move, but with one still in school it made the decision a bit difficult,  now with college graduation just a few months away, the talk has become more serious...Mr, Beth is now looking into either a job position change here, and if that isn't available then we will consider the second option of a complete job change and relocation. He wants North, I want South, we know which way this will go LOL, its not even up for debate at that point !!! Up north you have cold, cold and more cold, down south you have sunshine, beaches and mickey mouse, problem solved !!!! what more is there to discuss !!!!
     As much as I would love to move south I hope for a change of job position so we can stay put just a little longer until he retires , then move without rush,,,,,and do it when and where we want. The hard part will be putting distance between us and the grandkids...I have no doubt that if we moved to fla that the two boys would be down there within a year making fla home as well. Kevin has already said he would leave today if he had a job lined up, and I am sure if he was determined, it wouldn't be hard to find one.
     In the meantime I will be on a mission as soon as the temps start to warm up here . This house needs some serious de-cluttering , so room by room and closet by closet this house will get a spring cleaning like never before. It may look like a war zone while the process is taking place but in the end will be so worth it...

   On a fun note, I need to get busy planning Gunners first Birthday Party ! His Momma wants a Winnie the Pooh Theme, not and easy one to work with but we will pull out the creative magic and make it work ! It will be some challenging fun to say the least !! If anyone has any brilliant ideas I am open to any suggestions !

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas Holiday and May the New year Bring many blessings to you and your family ! Will end my first post of 2014 with a couple of photos from the holidays to close out the end of a wonderful year as we start a New !!!