Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Out with the old,in with the new. Something borrowed , something blue !

     As the fierce nasty winter rolls out , spring has arrive much welcomed ! It has brought the hummingbirds, woodpeckers, 70 degree temperatures and much needed energy that has been void over the last few months. The trees are beginning to bloom and soon the smell of fresh cut lawns will fill the air ! Just the thought if it is energizing ! 

     It has been a busy few weeks planning for kaleys wedding and graduation that is right around the corner ,then it will be time to relax and enjoy summer. I know the pool chair misses me :)   We have created quite a bond last summer and I am anxious to get reaquainted again :) 

     We have had some great changes around here in just the few months since the start of the year. It was our mission to make sure that this year brought some change as things were becoming repetitious and boring . We have managed to keep on task with that and things are going as planned and as luck would have it, some things  have just fallen in our lap to help us along the way. Can't complain one bit , keeping a positive attitude and not sweating the little things helps . I always seem to learn the hard way but when obstacles get in your way, especially large ones ,it's best to stop trying to move them and simply walk around them and continue on and not look back... 

     Can log off without mentioning its baseball season :)  so happy that it's that time of year again ! Go Braves ! They do add that extra spark to the start of spring and beautiful weather . Opening day is pretty much a sign I need to get my back porch cleaned for the season and my tv back outside ! 

    Hope you all are enjoying a new season as we'll ! Cheers to the snow globe being cracked !